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Friday, September 27, 2013

Love and Zombies

If you are reading this blog, then it is probably safe to assume that you love to read about love. New love, old love, the forever-after kind of love. You probably get a rush reading that first kiss and bite your nails when the tension leads to toe-curling passion. But what about zombies? Is there a place for love when an outbreak of zombies occurs?

Zombies equal death. Love equals hope. During a zombie apocalypse, people come together to protect the human survivors from becoming zombie chow. Errrm, not exactly, though you'd think it would be the only logical thing to do! Truth is, when zombies attack, society breaks down and people become more dangerous than the walking dead. And why? Survival.

It's human nature to survive and it's human nature to do so even if it means stepping on your neighbor's face to steal a can of creamed corn. (Unless you just needed a reason to step on your neighbor's face.) It becomes all about you and your loved ones. Nothing else matters. Protect your family at all costs.

Isn't that the ultimate expression of love?

Ok, so what happens if you are in the midst of a sudden zombie apocalypse and you haven't ever been in love? How do you find your true love when you trust no one and most of the population moans, groans and likes their steak breathing?

Hmm. Seems like the stars would have to align for that one...

We know of a girl who wasn't even looking for Mister Right when the zombie apocalypse crashed her summer. Just a normal highschool cheerleader, she cares about her hair, her all-star football captain boyfriend, and what color goes with fuchsia.

He's a first-year college student driving his uncle's motorcycle cross-country before the semester begins. Luck or Fate (or aligning stars) has him stopped at a county fair to break up the road trip where he meets our 'little bit country, little bit rock-n-roll' girl, the night it all goes to rot.

With the 'how do I find a potential mate' hurdle out of the way, will our survivors be able to make it happen or will they be served up as bloody breakfast before any sparks can fly?

You'll soon be able to find out, when Strawberry Hills is released this December.

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  1. I hope to God you dont mean those in the same context: love + zombies; if you do, you need some psychiatric treatment, dear. If you do, you most prooo'bly dont wanna looky at our URLs - they speak of Seventh-Heaven where sinister zombies dont exist. If you dont, why R you so conformed like a lemming to this darkened earth before the Return of Christ the King who'll separate the good from the evil. Better be on the RITE, dear, for this lifetime is only a week long. Understand? You dont, do you?? Know what RCIA is, girl? Look-it-up. God bless you