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Monday, September 23, 2013

Freebies, Goodreads, & Coming out of the Closet

Let's start with the Freebies, because it's FREE and Coming Out of the Closet sounds intriguing and thus should be saved for last to lure you into reading all the way through this post.

Let us Begin.

Freebies!! We are offering our books FOR FREE download at RIGHT NOW - Sept. 22 - Tuesday the 24th. You can find both of our self-published works HERE.

Now Goodreads! We have joined and we're beginning to learn the ins and outs of networking!! It's exciting but wow, a lot of work, too!

And now...

We're coming out of the closet!

No, we're not announcing a change in sexual orientation (sorry if we misled you) but we are announcing who we really are behind the Fay McDermott pen name and the reason for this is simple. We can't effectively market our books without doing so. Public platforms like Goodreads don't have an easy way to market your pen name, and really, what better way to get help in getting the word out about your written works than turning to family, friends, and acquaintances? We've tried the shady route... "Hey, I, uh, know this writer who would really appreciate the Likes..." ... Hmm. Not so effective. Posting links to our freebies hasn't really paid off... Well, something has to give and it's about time we stop being scaredy chickens and fully commit to this business.

So out of the closet, here we come!

Oh... Did you think we were going to give you our real names here, in this post? What's the fun in that? (And like you care, eh?) ;P

And by the way... REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW! You can help change a writer into a career author, with a few clicks. For really reals.

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