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Friday, May 25, 2012

First progress report! Woohoo! 

Book One of the Blood Moon series, The Dacian Woman , is already being offered through Amazon Kindle. Coming soon will be the further adventures of Ileana, Fane, the briefly introduced Marius,  and, of course, Mihai and the rest of the pack. Plus! There are more characters from the Blood Moon world who are already clamoring for their own spotlights. Impatient bunch they are, too - not to mention very insistent. Book two is in the works already.

Also, very close to publication right now is the story about a girl on a far off world who tries to salvage a downed deep space fighter craft, only to discover she's got the living pilot on her hands! A science fiction Romance.

And that's not all folks. There are more in progress that we'll fill you in on over the coming months as they get closer to being publication ready.

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